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December 2020

Telecom Identity Fraud 2020: A 36-Expert Analyst Report on Subscription Fraud, Identity, KYC and Security

Telecom Identity Fraud 2020: A 36-Expert Analysis Report from TRI

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Getting excellent in Subscription Fraud Control. . . Identity Verification. . . and Advanced Security is crucial for telecoms.  And that goal is not easy to achieve.

All these areas will require fresh systems, fresh investments, and fresh practices.  Plus much broader enterprise intelligence sharing is needed to access databases and drive analytics/machine learning.

Today the financial industry is way ahead of telecoms in this identity/security sphere.  And yet, the smartphones that telecoms safeguard have become the digital equivalent of ATM bank machines.

The challenges are immense!  But the upgrades are mandatory: telecoms simply must enhance their mobile/consumer protections, reduce subscription theft, and enable greater volumes of their own on-line sales.

Telecom Identity Fraud 2020 Report cover

Over the past 12 months, as TRI Research Director, I explored these identity/security realms of fraud control, interviewing dozens of industry experts to produce this 425-page analyst report, Telecom Identity Fraud 2020.   Why not consider buying a copy for yourself and your entire team?

Visit the Report’s website and get all the details.  You may also download a free copy of the Report’s Executive Summary.

Who Benefits from the Report?

The Report is written for both telecom managers of fraud/credit/security programs and the solution vendors who provide the necessary technology, automation, and services to stay ahead of the fraudsters and criminals:

  • Fraud/security experts at telecoms will better grasp the confusing technology and systems that surround identity fraud and security control.   You’ll also learn who the leading vendor players are across the many domains and understand each one’s strengths.
  • For a solution vendor, the Report provides key competitive intelligence.   You’ll spot market opportunities where your company’s expertise can be applied.   The Report will also help you answer the vital question: which corner(s) of the telecom identity fraud solution sector should I invest my next R&D and marketing dollar?

Insights from Three Dozen Expert Contributors

I call myself the “author” of this Report, but in reality, the perspectives of the 36 expert contributors I interviewed deliver 90% of the Report’s analysis and value.  Putting together this Report was truly a collaborative effort.

When I interviewed the solution vendor experts, I asked them two key questions: 1) how is your company delivering value in telecom identity fraud?; and 2) what differentiates you from your rivals?

In short, the focus was on their value propositions.  After recording our discussion, I lightly edited their remarks, put them into a Q&A format, and wrote an introduction.  The experts then edited their stories to accurately express their company’s direction and strengths in the telecom sector.

Our research cast a wide net.  We not only interviewed experts at familiar telecom fraud/security firms Allot, Mobileum, Subex, and iconectiv.  We also reached fraud-fighting pros at big cross-industry solution vendors such as SAS Institute, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, NuData Security, and FICO.

A Highly Accessible Report

The Report is designed for easy access and reference.  The subjects are thoroughly indexed and hyperlinked inside the Chapters.

  • You can distribute the PDF version to anyone on your internal team to read or even print out the Report.  We will also send you the Report in MS Word format so you can insert your own notes in the text, and enable team discussions of the Report.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the 425 pages in this study.  I recommend reading the 67-page Strategies, Solutions and Marketing Chapter first: that’s where I summarize the perspectives of all the industry experts and draw my conclusions.   From there, you can drill down for greater detail by reading each expert’s perspective in the Chapters that cover the various threats and solution types.
Telecom Identity Fraud 2020 Table of Contents

Scan the Details. . .  Sample the Research

The best way to know if Telecom Identity Fraud 2020 is a good investment for your firm is to download the Executive Summary and read it.  You’ll see the wide domain intelligence we gathered and the way we organized and wrote the Report.

Also be sure to scan the table of contents, the bios of the 36 expert contributors, and the free services that come with your Report purchase.


Dan Baker Signature

Dan Baker, Research Director of TRI
Editor, Black Swan Telecom Journal


As with any research you buy from TRI, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.   If the report does not deliver the quality of research you expect, within 30 days let us know and we’ll send a full refund on your purchase.

Copyright 2020 Black Swan Telecom Journal

Dan Baker

Dan Baker

Dan Baker is research director of Technology Research Institute (TRI) and editor of the Black Swan Telecom Journal.

Technology Research Institute (TRI) has been writing analyst reports and researching telecom software and systems markets since 1994.

For the last several years, TRI has been following developments in telecom Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance and Analytics solutions.

Most recently, TRI is exploring telecom opportunities in IoT, connectivity, AI/ML and edge computing (4G and 5G) in the Asia Pacific market.   Contact Dan via

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