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December 2012

Webinar: Quest for the Next Revenue Assurance City of Gold -- A Consultant’s Guide to Hidden RA Treasure

Webinar: Quest for the Next Revenue Assurance City of Gold -- A Consultant’s Guide to Hidden RA Treasure

Is revenue assurance considered “yesterday’s program” by executives at your company?

That’s the case at many telecom organizations, and it’s a key reason why many RA professionals struggle mightily to justify and maintain a budget for their RA programs.

Well, in this 32-minute webinar, two top North American consultants and RA experts give a detailed explanation why revenue assurance and related forensics/analytics activities remain one of smartest business investments a service provider can make.

This on-demand webinar, entitled: Quest for the Next Revenue Assurance City of Gold: A Consultant’s Guide to Hidden RA Treasure, features perspective from Curtis Mills, Founder/CEO of ProCom Consulting LLC and Jim Marsh, Lead Transformation Consultant at Wipro Technologies.

There are valuable take away ideas here to both justify and grow your revenue assurance program.  You’ll learn:

  • Why board level executives need to care about Revenue Assurance more than ever.
  • Strategies for using a revenue assurance consultant to keep an RA program up to date especially as new products are rolled out.
  • Yesterday’s leaks may be under control, but today’s leakage areas are probably not even being monitored.  Where do carriers need to go to solve this issue?  And what are some likely leakage areas to investigate?
  • How to achieve the best of both worlds: great software and expert knowledge/experience.
  • How skills honed in revenue assurance can benefit the marketing and customer analytics side of your business
  • The biggest mistakes operators make in revenue assurance.

The webinar is moderated by Matt Lucas, Vice Preident of of Telestrategies and the experts are interviewed by Black Swan editor, Dan Baker.

With easy navigation by subject matter, the webinar can also be downloaded as a podcast (MP3 file).

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Curtis Mills

Curtis Mills

A widely respected communications industry expert, Curtis Mills is president and CEO of ProCom Consulting LLC.

Curtis began his career with Accenture, where he became one of the first executives in the firm to focus on BSS/OSS for the communications industry.  For over 25 years, Curtis has helped communications service providers (CSPs) improve their mission-critical customer, billing and operations support processes and systems.

Working with CSPs of all sizes and service types, his clients have included SBC/ATT, Frontier Communications, CenturyLink, Windstream, Verizon, and Amdocs, among others.   Contact Curtis via

Jim Marsh

Jim Marsh

Jim Marsh is a Lead Transformation Consultant at Wipro Technologies.  In addition to his broad knowledge of revenue and fraud assurance issues, Jim regularly consults telecoms and equipment manufacturers on a wide host of strategic issues.  Jim is located in Phoenix and can be reached at:

Wipro Technologies is an IT services and IT hardware firm with over  130,000 employees and clients across 54 countries.   Contact Jim via

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