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July 2020

A Black Swan Guide: Lanck Telecom’s Voice FMS as an On-Demand Network Service

Black Swan Guide: Lanck Telecom’s Voice FMS as an On-Demand Network Service

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Telecom fraud is a problem that refuses to go away.  Service providers have been investing in FMS solutions for decades now, yet voice fraud losses still account for $28.3 billion of industry losses per year (according to CFCA’s 2019 estimates).

And most of the fraud damage occurs via international voice fraud scheme such as IRSF and Wangiri..

What if Voice Fraud Control was a Network Service?

Imagine if an international wholesaler with good fraud-fighting systems offered to clean up the fraud-risky traffic for its network partners.  Who would be interested such a service?  Well, consider this:

  • Large carriers have excellent fraud management capabilities.  Yet even these fraud-savvy operators want to supplement their existing FMSs with things like real-time alerting/blocking and other advanced capabilities beyond what their current FMS offers.
  • Mid-sized operators are often resource constrained.  While their fraud analysts are highly experienced, there are sometimes not enough hours in the day to investigate key fraud alerts.  So these operators would especially welcome on-demand help in screening calls to certain risky number blocks of the world.
  • Then there are the small operators, MVNOs, and enterprises who have limited or no fraud-fighting capability at all — mostly due to the expense of software license, integration, and fraud analyst staffing.  So an in-network service could be a way to add protection at low cost.

Lanck Telecom’s New Paradigm in Fraud Control

Well now, Lanck Telecom, a mid-tier international wholesaler of voice traffic, is the first to offer such an innovative network service.  Lanck has created an on-demand, in-network service for any interconnect partner to have its risky international traffic monitored (and either alerted or blocked) as that traffic is routed through Lanck to its final destinations.

Indeed, 45 network partners use the Lanck Telecom FMS today, including 7 large global operators.  These customers also gain valuable extras such as real-time blocking and the ability to customize the solution with their own blocking and treatment rules.

Best of all, because Lanck continues to invest and improve the FMS, the operators can protect themselves with machine learning detection of threats not covered by their current FMS.

A New Black Swan Solution Guide

And now, a detailed 16-page briefing on the Lanck Telecom FMS with commentary from Igor Skutsenya, Lanck’s  FMS project manager.  Igor and I spend several hours exchanging information by email and phone to bring you this document.

Lanck telecom FMS guide mini cover

The Guide is entitled, Voice Fraud Management as a Network Service: Real-Time and Machine Learning-Based Protection on Demand.  Click the link or image at right to download the PDF Guide for reading.

In this document, you’ll learn:

  • The origins of Lanck’s on-demand FMS service: how it grew from an in-house tool and eventually became a service for its voice provider partners.
  • The many types of voice providers using the real-time FMS and reasons they find Lanck’s collaborative in-network platform a convenient way to supplement their internal FMS solutions.
  • The key differentiating features of the FMS such as partner customization, easy integration, machine learning, enterprise-specific blocking, and its ability to discover tricky new fraud schemes such as Wangiri 2.0.
  • Lanck’s remarks on why its ML-based fraud-fighting experience and unique vantage point as a global voice wholesaler give its FMS key advantages in Continuous Knowledge Gain.

In short, Igor presents a wealth of information for you to evaluate this new way of managing fraud — and see if Lanck’s on-demand program might fit the needs of your operation.

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Dan Baker, Research Director of TRI
Editor, Black Swan Telecom Journal

Copyright 2020 Black Swan Telecom Journal

Igor Skutsenya

Igor Skutsenya

Igor Skutsenya, Fraud Management System project manager and RCS team leader at Lanck Telecom, combines 6 years‘ experience in the telecom industry, being a member of LANCK team since 2017.

He is involved in revenue assurance & anti-fraud projects, management and business development sectors, and presents LANCK Telecom global anti-fraud initiatives in GSMA, CFCA, GCCM and other mobile associations & events.   Contact Igor via

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