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July 2019

White Paper: A Real-Time Cloud Service to Protect the Enterprise PBX from IRSF Fraud

White Paper: A Real-Time Cloud Service to Protect the Enterprise PBX from IRSF Fraud

Dear Colleague:

Enterprise PBXs continue to be a magnet for criminals to commit fraud.

Ever since the PBX first appeared, fraud has been a major threat.  The wonderful capabilities of today’s PBX — to route calls, call-forward, and tele-conference — are precisely what makes the PBX so vulnerable to fraud attack.

The fundamental problem is this: while Telecom operators monitor fraud at their switches, they generally do not monitor fraud at the PBX itself.  And that leaves the enterprise on the hook when its telco fails to detect and stop the fraud.

But now, thanks to a new cloud-based solution developed by Oculeus, any enterprise around the world can protect its PBX from IRSF fraud for as little as $5 a month, roughly the annual cost of protecting two PCs with anti-virus software.

This new category of enterprise protection means that in tandem with its local telecom provider, an enterprise can achieve a true defense-in-depth solution to the PBX hijacking threat.

To download the 10-page white paper I wrote on this subject, simply click the image below which links to the download page.  The specific topics discussed in the paper include:

Enterprise PBX Protection Whitepaper
  • What Enterprises are at Risk in PBX Hijacking
  • Our Estimate of the Global Annual Cost of PBX Hijacking to Enterprises
  • Why Enterprises continue to be Vulnerable to the PBX Hijacking Threat
  • How Fraudsters Commit PBX Hijacking Fraud
  • The Technology behind a Cloud Solution for Fraud-Protecting PBXs
  • The Company and Technology Behind the Oculeus-Protect Cloud Service
  • The Future of PBX Protection

What’s the PBX fraud threat look like from an enterprise’s point of view?

Well, I suggest you read the New York Times piece, Phone Hackers Dial and Redial to Steal Billions.  The story profiles a small Atlanta-based architecture firm who was hit with a $166,000 bill from its telecom supplier.  This entire fraud happened over a single weekend when none of the firm’s seven employees was in the office.

Even though telecom carriers commit to protecting their enterprise customers from PBX hijacking fraud, they sometimes don’t succeed.  In fact, US enterprises still lose an estimated $2 billion a year to PBX fraud — with $8 billion of losses to enterprises worldwide by TRI’s estimate.

I’ve aimed this paper at two kind of fraud control managers: those at enterprises and telecoms.

  • Enterprise fraud managers will learn about the PBX hijacking risks they face and how a cloud service can automatically protect a single PBX, a corporate network, or even a corporate call center.
  • Telecom fraud managers will get the lowdown on this new technology and see how Oculeus is planning to enable telecoms to offer this same PBX protection as a value-added service to their customers.

Here’s hoping you find the paper profitable reading.


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Dan Baker
Research Director, TRI

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Dan Baker

Dan Baker

Dan Baker is research director of Technology Research Institute (TRI) and editor of the Black Swan Telecom Journal.

Technology Research Institute (TRI) has been writing analyst reports and researching telecom software and systems markets since 1994.

For the last several years, TRI has been following developments in telecom Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance and Analytics solutions.

Most recently, TRI is exploring telecom opportunities in IoT, connectivity, AI/ML and edge computing (4G and 5G) in the Asia Pacific market.   Contact Dan via

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