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June 2020

Wangiri Warriors: A Webinar on Solutions & Strategies for Fighting Call Back Fraud

Webinar: Wangiri Warriors: Solutions & Strategies for Fighting Call Back Fraud

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Welcome Telecom Fraud Warriors!  I’m Dan Baker, editor of Black Swan Telecom Journal.  And I invite to listen and watch a virtual webinar where four fraud control experts (bios at right) provide a virtual "advanced course" on tactics and some of the latest thinking and solutions for taming Wangiri fraud.

What is Wangiri?

Wangiri is quite simply one of the most dangerous traffic pumping frauds out there, along with International Revenue Share Fraud.

The most common Wangiri scheme is for the fraudster to call a consumer victim and have the phone ring once and get cut off.  The unsuspecting phone user innocently calls the number back as a courtesy.  And that return call is sent to a high-rate international destination where there’s nobody on the other end except a IVR machine.

Now in the webinar, a new variation of Wangiri is discussed — one where the fraudster’s invitation to call is done through the web.  Ultimately, then, the common thread for Wangiri is a call-back fraud.

Contents of the On-Demand Webinar

The webinar is 55 minutes long and is presented in three formats for you to download — you can watch the video or hear the podcast on-line:

  • Webinar Video (MP4) — The 55 MP4 video features 47 presentation slides and bullet point text from the discussions.  Click the screen below to play on-line or right-click your browser to download.
  • PowerPoint Presentation — a 77MB file you download to your computer.  Click on the audio icon on each slide to hear the commentary.  A table of contents allows you to interactively jump to new subjects.
  • Podcast Audio (MP3).
Wangiri warrior interface

Here then is the full index of the contents by expert and subject matter:

Dan Baker, Black Swan — Introduction (4:00 minutes)

• Webinar Instructions

• Wangiri Warriors

• NHK's Annual Taiga Drama

• The Big Expense of Samurai Dramas

• Why Spend Big on Fraud Control?

• What is Wangiri Fraud?

Colin Yates, Yates Fraud Consulting (13:45)

• Introducing Yates Fraud Consulting

• The Worldwide Wangiri Threat

• How Fraudsters Coordinate Wangiri

• Another Meaning of Wangiri

• IPRN Number Trends

• Pacific Islands & Fraud

• Huge IPRN Volume Spike

• PRISM, the IPRN Database

• Solution Guide on PRISM

• Fraudsters as Predators

Igor Skutsenya, Lanck Telecom (8:40)

• Lanck Telecom Introduction

• The Wangiri Threat

• How Lanck Detects Wangiri

• Discovery of Wangiri 2.0

• Enterprises at Risk in Wangiri 2.0

• How Lanck Blocks Wangiri 2.0

• Best Practice Advice?

• FMS Features to Look For

• Solution Guide on Lanck FMS

John Haraburda, iconectiv (16:12)

• iconectiv & TruNumber Protect

• Global Numbers Database vs. Blacklist

• Using Cloud Database to Stop Wangiri

• Use Case for Proactive Blocking

• Reactive vs. Proactive Fraud Control

• Making the Leap to Proactive

• Leveraging Other Use Cases

• Managing Fraud Blocking Rules

• Fraud Analyst Productivity

• Feeding Intellligence to the FMS

• The Pillars of Fraud Control Success

• Solution Guide on TruNumber Protect

Arnd Baranowski, Oculeus (10:01)

• Oculeus Introduction

• Value Signaling in Fraud Control

• Fusing Old & New Software

• Stopping Wangiri at the PBX

• PBX Serves as Double Layer Protection

• Oculeus Operational Background

• White Paper on Oculeus Protect

Dan Baker — Final Perspective (2:01)

• Japan's Himeji Castle

• Himeji Castle's Defenses-in-Depth

• Why did Tokugawa Rebuild Himeji?

• Your Company's Fraud Defenses?

No matter how much fraud control expertise your organization has, the forward-looking lessons and timely advice of these four experts should be valuable intelligence to any service provider.

Dan Baker Signature

Dan Baker, Research Director of TRI
Editor, Black Swan Telecom Journal

Copyright 2020 Black Swan Telecom Journal

Colin Yates

Colin Yates

Colin started his working life in Law Enforcement in New Zealand, then after 18 years moved to a Risk and Fraud Management role in Telecom New Zealand.

After 12 years there, he moved to Vodafone New Zealand and for the next 12 years had roles with Vodafone in New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the UK, leaving Vodafone in 2012 as Group Head of Fraud Management and Investigations, having had responsibilities for managing fraud and investigations right across the Vodafone footprint.

Colin has held Management positions in the GSMA Fraud Forum, CFCA, FIINA and Pacific Partners.

He is currently managing his own firm, Yates Fraud Consulting Limited which consults back to industry operators to review their Fraud and Revenue risk maturity.  He also manages an IPR Test Number database currently in use by some of the world’s largest operator groups.

Colin is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and is also a Fraud Adviser to PITA (Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association).   Contact Colin via

Igor Skutsenya

Igor Skutsenya

Igor Skutsenya, Fraud Management System project manager and RCS team leader at Lanck Telecom, combines 6 years‘ experience in the telecom industry, being a member of LANCK team since 2017.

He is involved in revenue assurance & anti-fraud projects, management and business development sectors, and presents LANCK Telecom global anti-fraud initiatives in GSMA, CFCA, GCCM and other mobile associations & events.   Contact Igor via

John Haraburda

John Haraburda

John Haraburda, Principal Solutions Engineer Director

at iconectiv, is responsible for managing critical business operations and spearheading business development to help customers solve real world problems.

John supports the iconectiv TruNumber Protect and Routing solutions which bring network and margin optimization to carriers around the world.  By proactively addressing traffic in the carrier network, iconectiv enables our customers to mitigate risk for fraud; maximize their margins and efficiencies; and optimize the performance of existing staff and systems.

John has extensive experience in bringing revenue assurance and fraud solutions to the global market.  Prior to iconectiv, John served in roles as Product Line Management and Solutions Engineering; Head of Revenue Assurance and Fraud; and management positions in billing, program management and finance.

Arnd Baranowski

Arnd Baranowski

Arnd Baranowski founded Oculeus in 2004 and has been the sole managing director ever since.  With his background in aerospace technology, Arnd brings over 20 years of experience in software engineering and development of innovative solutions.

Under the premise that every problem has a solution, Arnd and his team continue to develop effective system solutions for managing telecommunications and quickly responding to the ever-changing needs of the global market.   Contact Arnd via

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