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September 2015

WeDo Hosts Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management Conference in Washington DC

WeDo Hosts Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management Conference in Washington DC

Dear Colleague:

In North America, we love as many quality Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management events as we can get.

So Black Swan is pleased to announce what looks to be a first class conference being put on by WeDo Technologies, on October 1st and 2nd in beautiful Washington DC.

Free but limited seats are still available for the day and a half event.  It’s invitation-only, so I recommend you register at the WeDo website as soon as you can.  There’s an impressive lineup of carrier experts set to speak.  Here are the keynotes:

Ahead of the Curve
Robert Strickland, Co-Founder of Digital Nexus

Robert Strickland

Prior to founding Digital Nexus, Robert Strickland was CTO at Leap Wireless and CIO and Senior Vice-President of T-Mobile USA from December 2006 through March 2010.  As such, Rob was responsible for an operation that supported 33.8M wireless subscribers in North America.

Before joining T-Mobile USA, Rob served as Senior Vice-President and CIO at Echostar Communications Corporation; President and COO of Silas Technology Holdings; CEO of Xperts; CIO of Teradyne and many others.

Telecom Fraud Challenges and Trends in the USA
Adam Panagia, Director at AT&T Global Fraud Management Organization — Network and Fraud Investigations/ CFO of Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA)


Adam Panagia has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry in the areas of billing operations, revenue assurance and fraud management.  He is frequently invited to speak and present at various industry and law enforcement forums and educational seminars.

As director at AT&T’s Global Fraud Management Organization he is responsible for safeguarding the assets of AT&T through prevention, detection and deterrence of fraudulent activity perpetrated against AT&T and its customers.  He currently sits on the Communications Fraud Control Association Board of Directors and has held that position since 2003.

Other presentations include:

  • Network Data Assurance at Telus, Canada
    Alex Rootham | Telus, Service Enablement Architecture Manager
  • Taking Revenue Assurance to the Next Level at US Cellular
    Diane Matulis | US Cellular, Director Billing Control Services
  • Revenue Assurance in a Continuously Changing Network and Systems Environment
    International Speaker | To be Announced
  • Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance at a Pan-European MVNO
    Ioana Medelete | UPC Liberty, Quality & Revenue Assurance Analyst
  • Traffic Analytics and Fraud Prevention at a Tier 1 USA Carrier
    Hans Eismann | WeDo Technologies, Vice President, NAC
  • Stopping Roaming Fraud
    Jim Bolzenius | TNS Transaction Network Services, Head of Anti-Fraud Service

The conference also features a talk by Rui Paiva, CEO of WeDo Technologies on his vision of Enterprise Business Assurance.  The event also includes a discussion panel and several networking opportunities.

Once again, for details please click your way to the WeDo site.

Hope to see you there!

Dan Baker
Research Director, TRI

Copyright 2015 Black Swan Telecom Journal


About the Expert

Dan Baker

Dan Baker

Dan Baker is research director of Technology Research Institute (TRI) and editor of the on-line magazines Black Swan Telecom Journal, Top Operator, and FraudTech Journal.

Technology Research Institute (TRI) has been writing and researching telecom software and systems markets since 1994.  Its industry reports have covered the gamut of telecom systems from billing and service assurance... to customer care and provisioning.  In recent years, TRI has authored major reports on Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance and Telecom Analytics/Big Data solutions.   Contact Dan via

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